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Dominion Global

Dominion Global


Dominion Global is a technical service provider in the fields of electrical & mechanical engineering, maintenance, communication technology, security and information.

In Oman, Dominion Global has established itself as a specialised services provider in areas of data centre solutions, audio visual systems and control systems. The company’s global coverage includes Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Chile, Haiti, Colombia, Qatar, Oman, United Kingdom, Italy & France.

Dominion's services include:

  • Audio-visual systems
  • Data centre management (total solution)
  • Control and instrumentation
  • Lighting systems
  • Process control and automation
  • Uninterrupted backup power
  • SMATV / CCTV systems/ Access control systems
  • Fibre optic installations, Telephone systems
  • Active networks
  • PA / GA systems
  • Telecommunications & Low Current