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Orion Systems

Orion Systems


Orion Systems specialises in the design, development and delivery of blended software and hardware turnkey solutions.

From their UAE headquarters, Orion Systems brings exceptional real-world Master Systems Integration experience to the creation of complex interfaces between IT, BMS, Security and Industrial Control systems, SCADA and PLC, in mission-critical environments.

Orion Systems’ software engineering and project teams have exceptional experience and expertise in the design, development and delivery of a wide range of integration projects.

Orion System's main services include:      

  1. Security Solutions: CCTV, access control, control room design and build, perimeter intrusion detection, physical security information management (PSIM), automatic number plate recognition, gate barrier systems
  2. Baggage video monitoring solutions
  3. PA/VA
  4. Intercom
  5. Check-in security systems
  6. SCADA and PLC integration
  7. Cash in transit solutions
  8. Airport bus solutions: on-board CCTV, digital signage, intercom, public address
  9. Advanced toilet solutions: people counting, customer satisfaction system, flush sensing, presence sensing, digital signage