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Chairman's Message

Sheikh Ahmed bin Sultan Saif Al Hosni “Welcome to Qurum Business Group – a business proud of its long and successful heritage, rooted in Oman but now operating and expanding internationally. We are a business that is focused on building value and delivering success. We work with local and international partners, ensuring quality in delivery in everything we do.

Like the mangrove – Al Qurum in Arabic – after which we are named, we provide a fertile ecosystem for growth. Our roots are strong and we provide the support that allows our businesses, our customers and our partners to thrive.

Today we are a modern, diversified business group, operating internationally with a family of more than 5,000 employees. We continue to invest in our current businesses as well as in a range of exciting new sectors, offering new opportunities for the future. In all that we do, we recognise the importance of our place; we respect and support the communities in which we operate, acting as an ethical business.”

Ahmed bin Sultan Saif Al Hosni

Vice-Chairman's Message

"In today’s challenging business environment, customers want local understanding and expertise, provided to the highest international standards."

Our Board

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Our Team

QBG employs more than 7,000 employees working across the Middle East and global markets, from Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia and the India subcontinent.