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Khatib & Alami

Khatib & Alami


Khatib and Alami (K&A) was established in 1964 in Beirut/Lebanon and today the firm is evolving, shaped by the present and driven by the future. It boasts more than 30 offices worldwide and is one of the Top 50 Design Firms in the world and one of the Top 5 in the Middle East Region according to the prestigious ENR publication. With our multidisciplinary capabilities, and multicultural team with the efficient use of latest technologies and software’s, we transform client’s needs into action by paying attention to minute details.
K&A can provides consultancy services in various engineering fields, and prepares comprehensive Engineering Studies and Designs for all of the work stages, including Preliminary, Final, and Execution Designs, preparation of Technical Specifications, preparation of Contract Documents for Tenders, Bid Analysis and Construction Supervision.

The projects carried out by our company include the following sectors:

• Architecture, City/Regional Planning and Public Realms.
• Infrastructure, Transportation, Water & Environment.
•Energy and Sustainability.
•Geospatial Systems Integration.
•Program Management Services.