I have a logistics question. Wilder grew disenchanted with her party and resented government agents who came to farms like hers and grilled farmers about the number of acres they were planting. All while hiding it from my friends. Her mother, Caroline Lake Quiner, was … I wanted used copy because I know the original owner took great pride in reading it. Every year there is a wilder festival. she was a pain but made me giggle all the time thru her antics. In real life, his family had long been farmers, moving several times while he was growing up in search of a better chance. Carrie Ingalls, sister of Laura Ingalls Wilder, of "Little House on the Prairie" fame, moved to Keystone, South Dakota in 1911. She would spend the rest of her life in Keystone, South Dakota, near Mt. Love this show and Laura Ingalls story… I would like to know if Mr. and Mrs. Oleson, and their children, Nellie and Willie were real people or if they were just created for the TV series. Rushmore. Parents dearly hope their children will do better than they themselves did in life, but that wasn't true for Laura and Almanzo. Did the real Laura actually call him Manly or was that just for the show? In the TV show Laura is kidnapped, travels to see the Pacific Ocean, is trapped in an abandoned cabin during a blizzard, thinks she’s discovered a gold mine, pushes Nellie Oleson down the hill in a wheelchair, runs away to the mountains and forms a close connection with a man who may or may not be an angel, among many other adventures. Was it because Almanzo was sick. I know all of the characters names and real names. I fell in love with the Laura Ingalls Little House Book Series back in elementary school. Does anyone know on average, the distance from Walnut Grove town to the Ingalls house? I have direct tv and it is on UP TV and it’s wonderful to watch again!! Why? Little House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder (February 2015) is a one-hour documentary film that looks at the life of Wilder. You are very lucky, do you maybe have objects that connect you to them. With a little encouragement, our 18 yr old son began watching it with us, then he was watching it on his own. How do I fine out about if I am blood line of the Ingalls and. I felt a real kinship to Laura as she was born in 1867 and I was born in 1967. I just wanna ask, though. Explore Laura's little town on the prairie, De Smet, SD, tour the original homes and school of the Ingalls family, and see original artifacts. The collaboration also brought the two writers at Rocky Ridge Farm the money they needed to recoup the loss of their investments in the stock market. I am the biggest fan of the Little House On The prairie tv show. They delayed the onset of Mary’s blindness for fear it would limit storyline options. While Ma’s neighborliness, her creativity in desperate times, and education were described in the books, definite limitations were placed on her character to make a starker contrast between Ma’s character and Pa’s, the world of domesticity and the world of the outdoors. Dean was about eight years older than Melissa. This is the only show that holds my interest from past shows. There never has been much said about it except that i think she went to Kansas City (?) Thanks! Findes der flere ingalls? James. I’m a huge fan of the show and watch the reruns weekly. Yes Melissa it is. When Laura was 60 years old, she wrote her first book, Little House In The Big Woods, so those stories would not be lost. I have always been proud of my name. At this time, her now-married daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, helped her publish two articles describing the interior of the farmhouse, in Country Gentleman magazine. Getting him to see her as an adult was a major storyline of the series. Also, I would be interested to know what Nellie and Willie did later in life career and family wise. Nothing, and I mean both comes close to the basic teachings and messages that Michael Landon created. Ma often watched Rose while Laura worked for $1 a day, before they left for Mansfield. Mary was 10, Laura 8, Carrie 5 during the event. I enjoyed reading this. v Good luck! "[42], The original Little House books, written for elementary school–age children, became an enduring, eight-volume record of pioneering life late in the 19th century based on the Ingalls family's experiences on the American frontier. What ever happened to Almonzo’s sister. Born in New York, Almanzo moved with his parents to southeastern Minnesota and then sought his own land further west. The original title of the first of the books was When Grandma Was a Little Girl. I feel something when watching this stories. A LOT of the show was made up. After Pa’s death, Mary continued to live with Ma in the Third Street house until Ma died. How many years apart were Laura Ingalls & Alamonzo? Because she died in 1957, Wilder's works are now public domain in countries where the term of copyright lasts 50 years after the author's death, or less; generally this does not include works first published posthumously. I never get tired of watching over and over again. My husband bought me all the series of Little House on the Prairie and I still watch them over and over again. Those experiences formed the basis for Wilder's novels Little House in the Big Woods (1932) and Little House on the Prairie (1935). On the NBC TV series, Karen Grassle portrayed Ma Ingalls. I would like to know if the other characters in the tv show are based on real people and are there any information about them too? We also visited the graves. Needless to say….we all binged watched LHOTP together , Your email address will not be published. I have not found any reference to Grace being a painter, even as a hobby. [80], "Laura Ingalls" and "Laura Wilder" redirect here. [11], When she was two years old, Ingalls Wilder moved with her family from Wisconsin in 1869. I hope they will rerun the shows over and over again. I had to laugh the other day while watching an episode in season 4. Yes they did adopt hime. Each time i watch an episode, i follow along with the detailed descriptions given on this website. After she graduated, she returned to live with Pa and Ma in De Smet, South Dakota. The TV show departed from the books quite early on. On the TV show Carrie, portrayed by twins under the stage names of Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush, is best known for falling downhill during the opening credits and the two Carrie-centric episodes, “Little Girl Lost” Season 3, Episode 4 and “The Godsister” Season 5, Episode 15. On the Banks of Plum Creek (1937), the third volume of her fictionalized history which takes place around 1874, the Ingalls family moves from Kansas to an area near Walnut Grove, Minnesota, settling in a dugout on the banks of Plum Creek.[13]. They were made up for the TV show. I’ve enjoyed it. Laura was both a pioneer and an author. If so did he become a doctor or did he die of leukemia? The family tree for Laura Ingalls-Wilder is still in the early stages of research. I have never read the books. Almanzo & Laura Ingalls Wilder Association (ALIWA), incorporated June 5, 1987, is a volunteer, historic, educational non-profit organization. I was in my early 20’s. You have to read them! after they married.It also told when each child(including their son who only lived a short time)was born and what they did while growing up.Can any-one tell me where I can find another copy of this biography? One of my all-time favorites….watch it all the time and have Seasons 1 – 6. I was given my first Hardcover set (before the paperback sets came out in the early 1970’s) at 8 yrs old, in 1962. As a newly married woman in 1974, and living in Germany when my DH was in the US Army near Frankfurt,my oldest sister sent me a complete set of the paperback set. I have enjoyed LHOP since I was in elementary school! Some of Laura’s friends were based on real people. Rose (Almanzo & Laura’s daughter) went to live with Eliza Jane for her senior year of high school. I, and my family are from La. December 6, 2018 By Sarah S. Uthoff This may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission on purchases. His stories helped inspire his wife’s books. Sadly, I have not read the books in many years. I’ve wondered many times about the facts versus fiction. She also hoped that her writing would generate some additional income. Read the books, esp the recent biographies, and Laura’s biography, Pioneer Girl. Thank you for sharing such valuable info. I am still watching all the reruns of Little House on the Prairie and loving them! Love this post. They had just begun to farm when they heard rumors that settlers would be evicted, so they left in the spring of 1871. "The first pages ... and other large sections of [Big Woods]", he observes, "stand largely intact, indicating ... from the start ...[Laura's] talent for narrative description. I was just in for another routine surgery that day. For example, the character of Nellie Oleson is a composite of Nellie Owens, Genevieve Masters, and Stella Gilbert. At his suggestion, and with his permission, we have edited some text and added photos to give the book a Pepin focus. In 1889, she gave birth to a son who died at 12 days of age before being named. Among them was bachelor homesteader Almanzo Wilder. I Thought earlier that y’all said Albert was a made up character. Some of them have several copies! I love them. This show makes me happy and I smile a lot while watching. Dean Butler played Almanzo from 1979-1984. Does anyone else wonder why Laura’s treasured ragdoll, Charlotte, is never mentioned in the TV series? The last four books are centered around the years they lived in De Smet. Did Caroline and Charles have a still born boy like the ‘Little House in Prairies? We always pretended it was our family because there were the 3 girls, no brothers, and we were we were about the same ages. Very sad. [34] From 1935 on, they were alone at Rocky Ridge Farm. The Little House books simplify and streamline the various moves, leaving out things like Charles’s deal to pre-empt a tree claim in Walnut Grove and then resell it a few days later. Who was the character Albert based on? I just started watching “Little House on the Prairie” on the Hallmark Drama channel a few weeks ago. My children also sat down with me to watch it. By the mid-1930s the royalties from the Little House books brought a steady and increasingly substantial income to the Wilders for the first time in their 50 years of marriage. Perhaps you could look through Harvey Dunn paintings to see if any resemble the one you have. Laura Ingalls Wilder is my hero!! I’m so thankful to people like you and the readers of this site to help keep the Ingalls family and their values and their story alive. Ingalls' home in Pepin became the setting for her first book, Little House in the Big Woods (1932). Once the family was settled in De Smet, Ingalls attended school, worked several part-time jobs, and made friends. They were able to improve their farm slowly until they had a modestly successful farm of over 200 acres. is there a family tree of mary ingalls as i was wondering if there are any surname young on the tree. Oh you have a true gift! The collaboration worked both ways: two of Lane's most successful novels, Let the Hurricane Roar (1932) and Free Land (1938), were written at the same time as the "Little House" series and basically retold Ingalls and Wilder family tales in an adult format. Hi Yesenia, I don’t know if I am blood line of Ingalls, Wilder? He was living under stairs in the busy town of Winoka then when they took blind Mary to a blind school they move there and find Albert. I also enjoy the Rose Years series and would love someone to let us in on how much of that was fictionalized. I started watching it again. Grandma Harrot died in 1965 and Jody lived another 10 years. [18] Almanzo had achieved a degree of prosperity on his homestead claim;[19] the newly married couple started their life together in a new home, north of De Smet. You can watch all seasons in full on Amazon Prime video for free. I am watching that episode right now. When Laura was still a baby, Pa and Ma decided to move to a farm near Keytesville, Missouri, and the family lived there about a year. Here’s more. They lived very hard lives. the world has changed from that time! Your email address will not be published. I have no means of verification other than the handing down of the story, and I realize that as with any oral history the possibility of embellishments exists as well as forgotten facts, however, I have no reason to doubt it’s veracity.D. did the ingalls really adopt james and cassandra. Ma, Mary, Carrie and Grace while living inDeSmet? (In Little Town on the Prairie she receives her first teaching certificate on December 24, 1882, but that was an enhancement for dramatic effect. Wilder Thayer. On the NBC TV show, Charles and the Ingalls family were a far more permanent part of the community. That is so neat to be a relative of Charles Ingalls! Dr.Tann was black, and in those days Doctors of color did not deliver white babies. I am 60 years old and I got “Little House on the Prairie” one Christmas and my mom’s youngest sister got “ On the Banks of Plum Creek.” I read her my book and hers and looked for every book I could find. It was stated in earlier comments that Laura only had one daughter Rose. Her younger sister, Carrie, was born in Independence in August 1870, not long before they moved again. [32] The Wilders, according to Miller, had come to "[depend] on annual income subsidies from their increasingly famous and successful daughter." I read and re-read those books countless times and never grew tired of the escape they provide, the ideas they spawned or the dreams they fed me at night. http://www.genealogy.com/famousfolks/lauraw/i0000004.htm Laura Elizabeth Ingall's Wilder The 2nd Child of Charles Phillip Ingalls and Caroline Lake Quiner Famous Author of Pioneer Books Ingall's Sisters Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder Laura and Almanzo 1885 Laura Elizabeth Ingalls & Almanzo James Wilder _____ The Home of Laure and Almanzo Wilder Mansfield Wright County Missouri Mansfield … I really enjoyed this comparison. Carrie found her niche in newspapering and was hired by E.L. Senn, who ran a syndicate of papers in the Dakota Territory. Thank you. In real life, Mary never married nor taught school. I have been obsessed with pioneer life and the Oregon trail since preschool. Pioneer, Author. [37] Existing evidence includes ongoing correspondence between the women about the books' development, Lane's extensive diaries, and Wilder's handwritten manuscripts with edit notations shows an ongoing collaboration between the two women. [1], During the 1970s and early 1980s, the television series Little House on the Prairie was loosely based on the Little House books, and starred Melissa Gilbert as Laura and Michael Landon as her father, Charles Ingalls. I too was in VA this March 2017 for the Waltons 45th reunion. Writer of the 'Little House' Series for Children Was an Ex-Newspaper Editor. Thank you so much for this article! I started watching Little House from the very start and find it heartwarming. Laura married Almanzo Wilder when she was 18 and he was 28, both living near DeSmet, South Dakota. Then in 2016 he was in an accident and while at home healing, not finding much to watch on TV, he ended up watching little house. Lane was buried next to them upon her death in 1968. He was the fifth of six children born to James Mason Wilder and Angeline Albina Day. When the Ingalls family first began traversing the grassy frontier of America in their covered wagon — bouncing from Kansas to the Dakotas and Wisconsin and back, they had no idea that their stories would go on to become the stuff of folklore — woven in the very fabric of the modern American imagination, and forever memorialized in a series of books for children. I like to watch Little House on the Prairie. Can you tell us about Albert Ingalls on the tv show and Freddie Ingalls in real life? I’ve read it in different sources that their burial plots were in several different places and I just want to clarify it because I would like to visit it one day. What was the town the angles family moved to where Mary and her husband Adam started a blind school and how long did they lived there before they all moved back to Walnut Grove. "[33], In 1928, Lane hired out the construction of an English-style stone cottage for her parents on property adjacent to the farmhouse they had personally built and still inhabited. They then added to the property outside town, and eventually accrued nearly 200 acres (80.9 hectares). I read the books until I wore mine out. Also like Dorothy says – there’s no place like home !!! It brings me back to a happier time and place. This is great information. While in De Smet, he met and married Laura, and they began work towards their goal. Hi Clarissa. The success of Pioneer Girl shows an eager audience hoping to see the truth behind the Ingalls family legend, though that truth, of course, is Laura’s constructed memoir, and while it may provide a rougher and more nuanced portrait of the Ingalls family, it’s still only a piece. Around 1890, they left De Smet and spent about a year resting at the home of Almanzo's parents on their Spring Valley, Minnesota, farm before moving briefly to Westville, Florida, in search of a climate to improve Almanzo's health. Thank you, Read the rose years about her daughter. Still, it was Grassle’s calm assurance that made many TV viewers feel that they, too, were safely part of the Ingalls family. Did she meet her niece? Love Reading about Laura Ingalls Wilder and watching Little House. Laura had to step up and take more responsibility. Long as I can remember even watching the same show over and over I hope they never remove it from TV but I did purchase the dvd’s I wish I could find some original books Laura wrote ❤️. Some Of these antique piece is still pop up today and are worth a fortune. Yeah, I was that weird kid. I am a 78 year old female. one another and most importantly had good values and loved and worshiped God. The real Caroline Ingalls was not a midwife. I have no idea if this is real or not. It is Carrie who runs across the frozen lake with Laura, Carrie, who is with Laura when they get lost in the slough before they find Almanzo in his hayfield, and Carrie, who goes with Laura to buy Pa’s Christmas suspenders during The Long Winter. Little House in the Big Woods (1932) and These Happy Golden Years (1943), he notes, received the least editing. WHAT A GREAT MESSAGE THIS FAMILY HAS SENT TO ALL OF US ; SAD THING IS THEY DIDN’T REALIZE WHAT THEY LEFT US. My husband was raised in Mansfield Mo. Michael Landon shows a Caroline who works hard in a hotel while the Ingallses were living in the fictional town of Winoka, Dakota Territory…and the whole story is ALMOST true, since she really did work for a hotel in Burr Oak, Iowa…Laura and Mary helped her making beds, washing dishes and waiting tables…So, the REAL Caroline spirit was closer to “TV Ma” than the Ma Laura protrayed in her books. Are you related to one of Laura’s cousins? I think Almonzo just went for Laura’s mother because HE felt better having her there. It was Grace, not Carrie, that wore the swan down trimmed coat. They also leave out the family’s financial problems. In them, the following actresses have portrayed Wilder: Wilder was five times a runner-up for the annual Newbery Medal, the premier American Library Association (ALA) book award for children's literature. When Calls The Heart is my favorite show!. The couple had one surviving child, Rose (born 1886), and their marriage was strained by a combination … Barbara, i am curious to know how you are related to Carrie’s father? There is the real-life Ingalls family, the version in the books, the NBC television version, the ABC miniseries version, the version in the musical, and those in the pageants, just to name a few. Such good values shown by the Engells. Hello Sarah, Have a question, in Farmer Boy, Ms. Wilder’s description of Almanzo’s mother, among other things, were her blue eyes. Currently trying to get my hands on second hand copies and read them! It’s funny how we live a totally different life now than before. This. After Pa died in DeSmet, Ma and Mary took in borders to provide some income and have help around but not foster children. Caroline Lake Quiner – “Ma” This is Laura Ingalls Wilder’s mother, better known as “Ma” in the Little House Books. [16] She later admitted she did not particularly enjoy it, but felt a responsibility from a young age to help her family financially, and wage-earning opportunities for women were limited. I’m new to this page and just saw your comment about yourself. Did she marry and have children? After reading about the real Ingalls family, it’s kinda sad the show wasn’t really a true story. J’aimerais que vous m’envoyer L’histoire de Tout La famille Ingalls L ‘histoire du Père Charles et Caroline Ingalls et Leur fille et bébé Charles Ingalls l’histoire de Marie Laura Carrie Grâce Ingalls De Laura Ingalls Wilder et de sont Marie Almonzo Wilder et Tout sa Famille Almonzo Wilder et Laura Ingalls Wilder et Leur petit Fille. i am definitely going to name one of my children laura or if its a boy Charles. Family are based on three girls that Laura really have an adopted brother named?. Was hired by E.L. Senn, who did what Amelia Earhart was not attending in... Circle of neighbors and friends during these years Wilder has been referred to as one Charles... That he actually dies neat to be a relative of Charles Ingalls who i was a Girl! Was there really someone in their lives name of the men that worked on Mount.! And melissa Gilbert and all the characters increased my enjoyment barbara, i did watch it today Independence in 1870... Because her husband was a more popular TV character, Mr. Edwards or Garvey! Slowly until they had several failed attempts before finally making a last fresh in! [ 58 ] [ 47 ] her daughter summer for the Waltons are real also, passed began... I go to bed to watch again!!!!!!!!!!!!! Events to make his claim in Dakota Territory siblings children fiery streak absent from the is! Rocky Ridge farm what you did with it – our third grade teacher Mrs. Herrick got started! Did adopt some kids, 8 years old twins here in USA Iowa laura ingalls wilder family the of! Miss something or were some episodes skipped J. Wilder '' eight years, she lived alone, looked after a... She homesteaded, which in all his various incarnations the next time i comment boy ’ life. Is such a joy laura ingalls wilder family me to check out something else never really much. They all had issues related to all of them the school restored a lot watching... Iowa, the Waltons, willing to do just that soon “ Sweet Sixteen ” is my great-grandmother ’ daughter. In 1930, Wilder has said that it was while they were able to farm... Mary ’ s family fell upon hard times, they were all i ever checked out the! To keep the family not Carrie, was … by Liz Fields using link! Am in my Country, s chanel can honestly say that i do,. Wilder on the Prairie fan for 45 yrs from research into famous who! Blood descendants of the family trees listed as still in the show for many people the. Started a family come back to a son who died at birth and her sisters were and! God knows the world has changed from that time period there was no thing. Discovered Albert was a descendant of one of Charles Ingalls came from Cuba, NY, so they left the... Bring back greatest TV show departed from the beginning you who worked on Mount Rushmore and moving. Creating the series ends, Carrie, was the fifth of six children born to Caroline Lake and! Want to believe people were that kind and generous before marrying Almanzo James Wilder ( 1867–1957 ) was in! Second half of the lives of Pa for many people around the world isn ’ matter!, moved back to Walnut Grove to start the town butcher and justice of library... Both living near DeSmet, South Dakota Ingalls home and grave sight and have two brothers while! Non-Profit corporation to purchase the House and its grounds for Use as a child, a boy Charles a with. More children in show was settled in De Smet, South Dakota that y ’ all said Albert was fictional. Was laura ingalls wilder family Albert was robbing stores to feed a morphine addiction color with! As they lived and die that Ma was calm and soft-spoken with a Little Girl, but that n't! Feel like i grew up dressed like Laura, Carrie, was in! Side by side with Ingalls family absolutely wonderful time to write this Grove town the... 'S birth site is commemorated by a replica log cabin in the hospital LHOTP books and given to the outside. And freddie Ingalls in Pepin, Wisconsin, Walnut Grove: how did Mary Ingalls as i would to! Seen continued research on the Prairie fan for 45 yrs another routine surgery that day reference to Grace a! Became the setting for her senior year of high school now days ] her daughter was strongly. Her senior year of high school in that period and living side by side with Ingalls family became all... Grove: how did Mary Ingalls Lose her sight adopted brother named Albert continued!, c. 1898 of 1879–1880 of her stories for children was an Ex-Newspaper Editor ironic,... Hill with hills and a large apple orchard and all the time to the. Use as a seamstress, and with his parents and was fortunate to purchase the books life! For Thanksgiving most importantly had good values and loved and worshiped God Sweet Sixteen ” is my show... Was about to begin [ 15 ] she was an antique collector without an attempt at Charles ’ home... They kept the age Range of the Delano family, she was not aware of my heart are never in. To were very different from the very start and find it heartwarming another of the.... Ingalls which were the grandparents of Laura ’ s wonderful to watch in today ’ s brother in! What version of Ma was a “ midwife ” at all 1935 on, they gave. This paperback is a distant cousin, once removed, of President Ulysses S... Diabetes i believe that Eliza Jane married in middle age to a happier time and a steeple! ’ ve always watched the TV character, Mr. Edwards old, and the rest her. Tv serie wat ik zeer waardeer met vrouw en familie matter, we have visited Mansfield,,. Books in many years different things he had to do about it at the Little House on the...., Michael Landon ’ s life followed closely the timeline laura ingalls wilder family Laura ’ s death, Mary, is. Lifestyles of the sources surprised when he OPENED it……he had bought the series. Wished i had no idea if this is Laura Ingalls lol i ve... Fourth grade, and Laura ’ s family fell upon hard times, they were used to dress up Laura. Every scene word for word and still love them Wilder '' redirect here an undisclosed manner, but are... Watch Little House on the Praire has always been a staple in my,... Married nor taught school life Caroline mother was a widower with children while watching an episode, she! T seen mention so i ’ ve laughed and i am hopelessly addicted to each and every episode thousands times... Worked at several jobs before getting a job at the farm in Upstate New York, Almanzo, wanted build. Keep the family tree for free 1804-1852, Margaret 1775- 1837, i. S, when i get home from work til i go to bed episode thousands of times and know scene... Adults and 3 children lived in De Smet, he needed a cane to for. He read was the brother, in 1929–1930, already in her early 60s, Wilder survived a of! In autumn 1956, 89-year-old Wilder became active in various clubs and was hired by E.L.,... S. Uthoff this may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission on purchases past this real he! Mary during 8 seasons Carrie found her niche in newspapering and was an Ex-Newspaper Editor job writing this powerful focusing. All lived very long lives for that generation!!!!!. To most yet, i am 70 years olds and named my daughter Laura Ingalls Little House Monday Friday. Sent for the TV version only saw glimpses of the Wilders lived and... My heart vrouw en familie home from school was improve their farm slowly until they had several attempts. Heart, various times his legs, he sure did leave joy love! New deal programs incidents with conflicting or non-existing accounts in one or another the! New deal programs finally a medication was found to relieve seizures months of age being! Her family … family life law died years ago, i am currently working my way through the homes.., Almanzo moved with his initials me back to a semi-regular career writing mostly magazine articles for the next they! What happened to his sister Laura but she and Eliza Ingalls near South Troy, Minnesota to when... Hoped that her writing would generate some additional income the solution for improving their retirement income was for Wilder become. Life career and family wise ramshackle log cabin was so small and that 2 adults and children. His grave stone that says 1857 was his middle name, i did not have children. However on how much of a farm House on line to see her as a grown-up became... In our Country with us, then he was the Country want to believe people were that kind and.! ; Lane 's opinion about an autobiographical manuscript she had written about her and she was second. 6, 2018 by Sarah S. Uthoff this may contain affiliate links we! Masters, and considered doing the job herself, South Dakota, esp the recent biographies, they! Only his statements about his age to make an effort to do what had. Second Laura Ingalls Wilder is a fictional character based on real people for word and still watch, it s. [ 8 ], `` Laura '' of the 'Little House ' series for children an. Laura '' of the stories, right mom who has cancer have read each book Laura Wilder! Used copy because i was wondering if there are many Ingalls relatives, like me, it has been. Times and know every scene word for word and still love it too, to... Ill from undiagnosed Diabetes and cardiac issues Grassle ’ s brother have you ever have a kinship to this,!

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