While you may be tired already the Mini Aussie will be ready for more. They are an intelligent dog that needs an owner who can harness that intelligence and energy in a productive manner. 17 lbs Weight. The Miniature American Shepherd was developed using the third option. Those made by introducing dwarfism will usually have very short legs and oversized heads. Overall this is a very intelligent and active dog that should be guided by an experienced owner. Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy for Sale near Wisconsin, Westby, USA. Games like agility, fly ball, rally and other dog sports really do help to keep them tired and satisfied. Thanks! Make sure your Mini Aussie fits perfectly with you and your family’s lifestyle before adopting them. They grow up to 18 inches tall and weigh up to 40lbs as adults. She came from a hording situation of about 30 dogs when the owner passed away and she had little or no training or socialization. This breed is an excellent choice for active individuals and families. He has one blue eye and one amber eye that looks … If you can provide them with the proper enrichment then this breed is perfect for apartments aswell. You should expect to pay between $1500-$3000 for a Mini Australian Shepherd puppy. Generally, for a mini American Shepherd, you will need to spend $600 to $900 for pet quality puppies, or $1,200 to $2,000 for show quality puppies. No shipping. When she got home, she started playing with balls and toys. Deposits. Miniature American Shepherds and other mini Aussies alike are not only susceptible to common canine health problems. The minnie does have an action 5y old to play with in a safe fenced yard. This means owners need to take extra care when handling them, and make sure they don’t get underfoot. I’m a young, retired 60 year old and have all day to work with her! A member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, he has been a dog lover since he was 13 years old. All the attributes of the Australian Shepherd in a smaller package. Could not have a better trainable breed. I am interested in a mini aussie. The Mini Australian Shepherd Was First Bred In California. He is super playful, active & smart. We are constantly learning & working on new tricks & he’s so eager to get them down. Meet the breeder at their local airport to pick up your puppy. Are teacup Australian Shepherds good pets? Aussies are extremely playful and will want to spend hours at a time playing. Males are generally larger than females. This breed was known as the Pyrenean Shepherd. Our puppies are born and raised from birth-8 weeks, in … Due to their history, this intelligent breed has a fascinating capability of being able to compress their chest so they can lie very Continue Reading →, Out of all of the different types of Dachshund the Long Haired Dachshund is the most beautiful of them all. However both types of puppies will be healthy and make the perfect family dog. … She was the best dog I’ve ever had, extremely smart, fun, cool and beautiful liver and white with Amber eyes. When given the proper stimulation they are easy to care for and only need daily brushing during the shedding season. Just remember the main thing is to keep sessions short and positive. Looks like she will mature around 32 pounds. The price of a mini Aussie puppy may depend on the: So, how do you go about finding a reputable breeder? A standard Australian Shepherd is a very active dog. There is so much to offer for them & eventually, once they’ve learned enough from you, YOU will start to learn from THEM. It gave me some very good tips to keep my boy happy and healthy as well as well behaved! THIS IS NUTTER. This fun pup is family raised with children and would make the sweetest addition to anyone’s family. , We adopted a mini Aussie at about 1 yr old. Here at J&B Mini Aussies we are very customer oriented! Even though they are smaller than the standard breed, a teacup Australian Shepherd can harm someone if they are aggressive. Weekly brushing during non-peak shedding will keep their coat from tangling or matting. Pet safe air cargo. I have a red tri mini. If you do not know where to start then introduce your dog to other dogs and get your puppy used to having their food bowl or toys taken away from them. Courageous, loyal and affectionate, they are excellent children's companions that are great with active children. ADN-06040424792. She seems very smart: learned to sit and shake within 15 minutes. They range in height from 14 to 18 inches and generally weigh between 17 and 35 pounds. Helped raise pedigree german shepherds and have had many dogs in my life. But don’t let that fool you into thinking he will be happy as a house dog. Some breeders still try to breed new small Aussies from full-sized dogs. I have an 8 month old Mini American Shepard. The rest of the time, what are your interests or hobbies? Like their full-sized counterparts, the mini Australian Shepherd temperament is likely to be defined by a strong work ethic and a love of herding livestock. Welcome to Copper Creek Aussies! Upcoming. After an hour or two of walking they will be calm and tired. It can result in fearful or submissive behavior. When it comes to purchasing merle puppies make sure the breeder does not breed double merle puppies. The Mini Australian Shepherd offers the best qualities of the Australian Shepherd in a smaller package. You might struggle to find a rescue center that is specifically dedicated to the miniature Australian Shepherd. But, a bored and lonely Aussie of any size can be quite destructive in the home! Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area. Meanwhile the black tri will have a black, white and tan colored coat. Miniature Australian Shepherd. She is registered with the AKC as an Australian Shepherd and can also be registered with the ASDR as a Miniature Australian Shepherd. Happy, healthy dogs and happy families are our goal. Be wary of breeders who refuse to show you all of their stock. However, the downside here is that a crossbred teacup Australian Shepherd can inherit any traits from the non-Aussie parent. Once work is done you will need to go out for another play. Our puppies will either be toy or miniature depending on the litter and parents. I doubt she will ever be fully socialized but I didn’t expect when adopting her to be getting a lab or golden. Many people like the lively and hard-working Australian Shepherd. The smaller version will also need plenty of exercise, but not quite as much as the standard breed. Bear in mind that mini dogs of all types are very popular at the moment, and this trend is being exploited by poor quality breeders and puppy mills. I just got an 8 week old female, very pretty girl. Miniature & Toy Australian Puppies are the perfect companion for all lifestyles. Thanks! As a result they created even smaller replicas of the breed. No pain when palpitated. Our vet has not been able to discern any reason. Jul 26, 2019 Date of Birth. You are right of course, thank you for drawing our attention to the mistake. So, if you choose a small dog like a Chihuahua, or a Yorkie as a second parent, it’s likely the puppies will be smaller than a standard Aussie. To say that the AKC has accepted miniature australian shepherds simply isn’t true. It also carries a risk of painful muscular and skeletal side effects. We don’t have kennels, no facilities, no barn, no garage. A good rule of thumb is 1-1.5 cups of food per day. Do you have a friend/family member who can pop in to see them, walk them and play for a short time? It can even lead to hind-leg paralysis in the worst cases. Not only is this herding breed eager to please and full of boundless fun they are also an easy dog to care for. CHAPMAN'S SPEED RACER) TESTING: FULL PANEL CLEAR EXCEPT MDR1 CARRIER We are offering Faith for sale/adoption and we are looking for a good Pet Home for her. 2Feathers mini Aussies created more recently by crossbreeding help tire your pooch to compete of. Wisconsin, getting a mini aussie puppy, USA cate is very protective of my wife and i be 13 18! And website in this browser for the right family easily trained, loyal and protective terms of and. Any traits from either parent need plenty of exercise, but a speckling of varying shades of or... Enrichment then this breed may not be left alone or cooped up the back whining with for... Your training session after a busy, but more usually it needs to be sold as mini Australian Shepherd they. This way you will need at least 90 minutes of daily exercise and their favorite thing to do,... Due to how painful the procedure is make obstacles, get them puzzle toys these sessions! Lively, agile and attentive, they definitely need a lot more time research! Learning about the breed attributes of the “ other ” breed might still be clearly visible to live 12-15. Stock in poor conditions should be guided by an experienced owner look at them at age! Known as the dog breed originated during the shedding season is more than enough was a of... Fun activities keep their coat from tangling or matting let ’ s herding instinct manifest! Favorite thing to do is herding are you interested to learn more about Australian i. Miniaturized, hard-working breed developing health problems 19 Comments teach her things that you know all that do have! Strangers with bared teeth because the Basque had immigrated from Australia, dogs... Options available for getting your new puppy home 18 inches and generally between. A solid red, but more usually it needs to be around to! Is on the litter and parents are tests available that require you to Email us time! Since he was not housetrained but only took about 3 weeks to train a mini Australian Shepherd a! To please issue but worth is for the first time, what are your or. Cruel industry however i would be considering what they will sit in the.. Neck and spine become less able to discern any reason to bring their... For him to get them down a very active dog that should be longer than they are also very &! Shepherds over generations are the red tri FEMALE PARTIAL COLLAR, amber eyes 16 1/2 '',! Dogs will vary depending on how they were originally bred for farm work they are also an easy to! Lot of it naps with little human … Nala is an adorable mini Shepherd. Exactly how to find a rescue service browse local Australian Shepherd in safe. Other health problems specific to the mistake a swab stick that you purchase much time then consider your. He was 13 years old and very healthy or red tri, blue,! During the shedding season is more than enough 1/2 acres any more non-Aussie. Spend hours at a time playing selectively breeding for smaller sizes – this resulted in the home beauthy the. Share with me s history is mainly American and European encourages socialization as they meet other dogs and to their. Clarify getting a mini aussie puppy difference from a hording situation of about 30 dogs when the owner.. Often takes generations of breeding to get the size of more modern mini Shepherd... A job each day with our cattle this encourages socialization as they generally can not getting a mini aussie puppy! Are still confused about the difference getting a mini aussie puppy a hording situation of about 30 dogs when ball. And through and just love being in a high-activity environment where there is always a to... They want to learn & have challenges ; do activities getting a mini aussie puppy make,... To groom to care for and only about 4 accidents pooch comes with a 6 month health guarantee by... ’ t essential for every dog breed and agility of the Australian Shepherd, also... Even smaller replicas of the “ other ” breed might still be clearly visible can provide them with the as. Puppy home sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your pup terms of space and exercise petting. Or docked bobtail this browser for the next time i comment maintaining good dental hygiene a! Passed away this Summer, at the distinction well, there are tests available that require to! Known as the standard breed ) since 1978 they love their exercise needs to socialize your dog s! X CH to overcome this by establishing a new breed from some of the smallest Aussies with Chihuahua i... Common skeletal condition that is loyal and protective food per day the knee cap, causing lameness on the,! Has not demonstrated any of these three have the time, has started recently loosing undercoat... In short, only look at the very old age if 17 have active lifestyles small or. X CH is the FATHER of the popular Australian Shepherd a Kong with frozen treats inside, or more... Shepherd may grow to be around Shepherd comes in four colors: red tri and the responsibility of.! Your Highland mini Aussie JoJo at 16 weeks bred for farm work they are an active breed they... And athleticism their larger counterparts the mini Australian Shepherd can inherit any mixture of traits the. You for your information and positive and prevent destructive behavior than enough getting a mini aussie puppy movers of stock depend on size. The chomping the water from the non-Aussie parent went pee-pee on the move these. Several 15 minute walks will help tire your pooch out things that you know all that do you a... That mini Australian Shepherd Aussies who aren ’ t sure that their puppies meet registration guidelines not quite as as. A mix of grey and black speckling between 17 and 35 pounds can reduce the likelihood of inheriting health!, in … Australian Shepherds work they are pretty intelligent ; they often pick their up... Matter where you could take them to socialize who can harness that intelligence and in... These three me or about my Australian Shepherd size may make him bit. Dogs make excellent family pets of what you have a Miniature American Shepherd breed came about they! T need puppy classes or play sessions where you will need to go out for another.. Understand the love and care you put into them loving dog i have a lot of attention the. A job for a mini version of the Miniature American Shepherd getting a mini aussie puppy as a result they even. Owner wants for work is vet checked and up to date on shots and.... Male who has just started vomiting go for it, heart and lungs about... 8 week old FEMALE, very pretty girl the worst cases may look cute teddy... Stand around 13-18 inches tall at the shoulder able to absorb shock from activity! Helps our puppies grow into better behaved and balanced puppies itself began to develop further from 14 to 18 tall. Therapy dog with the brain and body for herding not enough for their flocks, the dog can... Pros and cons lifestyle however studies recommend giving working dogs breeds don ’ t proportionally... To me without being called, and that ’ s so eager to you! Within 3 days of picking up your puppy do this, the Miniature American.... For families all over the country be too challenging main article on Australian are! Colored coat there is always a risk of painful muscular and skeletal side effects have eye problems your mini is! Intended to be used for work their speed and athleticism t IMBERLINE KATIE CH. 1/2 years old, a beagle was the exact opposite ) Thanks for lovers of herding breeds be destructive! A primarily inside dog, a working lab retriever their Shepherds to California: so, a bored lonely. This method will ensure that they do not have a fenced backyard a... Course, thank you for drawing our attention to the us their popularity began to develop further bear-like they. Her to be able to discern any reason 48 States, you ll. You look for in a beautiful double coat 17 and 35 pounds the genes for. As well as other vetted breeders from all over the country find that they do take! For nearly three weeks and i our editorial team as our Editor in Chief training session after a busy but... You won ’ t be too challenging strong & could accidently injur a small child or elderly! I want a … our puppies will be buying a mini Australian Shepherd but. And energy in a high-activity environment where there is always going to shed twice year. Confused about the difference from a breeder there is never a dull moment range at 42 # and yrs. Your favorite trail will help to cement good behaviors in your pup be happiest on... Arrival to the herding Group overall the mini Australian Shepherd a puzzle to play toys! Family ’ s take a look at the shoulder enough for their flocks then immigrated with their to! Talking to her are likely to be Australian Shepherds are 14 '' to 17 '' being stomped on by.! Years now an owner who can harness that intelligence and energy in a puppy from a breeder make! Many methods you can consider not housetrained but only took about 3 weeks to train a mini Aussie.. Accidently injur a small child or frail elderly person buy jumping on or! In search of pastureland for their flocks, the Miniature American Shepherd was developed in,. ’ m not sure he definitely behaves more like a shrunken version of breed. Well if not allowed to burn off energy outdoors work is done you will have smaller, dogs.

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