photo: ZK-NLR Air Nelson, Nelson 08.08.04, Micha Lück . 1/ What is the Aircraft are you using ? Like all members of Airbus’ family of modern jetliners, the A340-300 features a number of key innovations, including fly-by-wire flight controls, which bring increased flight protection as well as weight and cost savings; advanced weight-saving materials such as carbon fibre; and fuel-saving aerodynamics. Turboprops for Sale A wide range of turboprops are used in Business Aviation, including single- and twin-engine models, utility aircraft (suited for business, medivac, and cargo travel) and those built specifically for private passenger use. Saab JAS 39 Gripen, também designado como F-39 Gripen, [1] é um caça multiuso leve monomotor de quarta geração e meia fabricado pela empresa aeroespacial Saab, da Suécia.Ele foi projetado para substituir o Saab 35 Draken e o 37 Viggen na Força Aérea Sueca (Flygvapnet).O Gripen tem uma configuração de asas em delta e canard, além de controles de voo fly-by-wire. FSX Saab 340 The FSX SP2 ONLY model of the FSND Saab 340. 2/ Did you downloaded the correct sound Pack ? Saab 2000 The later Saab 2000 (45 seats) proved to … Saab 340 The Swedish military planebuilder approached the commercial market in 1983 with the 33 seat SF-340, at first together with the US Fairchild. TSS Airbus 340 CFM56-5C4 Pilot Edition Sound Package iFly Jets - The 747-400 for Prepar3D iFly Jets - The 737NG for Prepar3D Sie hat im Vergleich zur 30-sitzigen Saab 340 einen gestreckten Rumpf, so dass nunmehr 50 Passagiere mit einer Reisegeschwindigkeit … The goal was to compete directly with 30-seat aircraft like the Embraer Brasilia, Dornier 328 and Saab 340. A321 v1.1 or A319 v1.5 ? New Brett Henderson's Saab 340 . If different options and variations are a sign of value for money, then the SAAB Regional Pack v2 add-on is something you might want to look at. Three different models are available here – the SAAB 340, the SAAB 340 cargo, and the SAAB 2000 – all of which offer substantial improvements against their previous versions. Pilot jobs board, pro pilot forum, pilot career and pilot employment. 3/ is the "Default fmod" folder is renamed to "fmod.1" and the … Hi-resolution textures, fully functional VC, realistic flight-dynamics and operations. HQ PW1000 engine sounds (3d Interiot & Exterior) Cockpit sounds : Systems , Switches , Buttons , Levers , Packs PA announcement ATC Chatter HQ Weather sounds ( Rainy_Days v2) 3D Wind effect ( cockpit and cabin side ) Ground and Airborne Rain effects Close & Far thunder noises Light & Heavy Wind Gust Dynamics & Hydraulic noises Cockpit einer Saab 2000. SAAB Regional Pack v2. Die Saab 2000 ist eine Weiterentwicklung des erfolgreichen Regionalflugzeuges Saab 340. Made using FSX-SDK_Sp2. other links: view large. has DDS textures . Professional Pilot Directory and Contract Pilot resources and pilot forum. 100% FSX compliant.