Posted by. Help. That explains why I never saw this glitch when I played undead nightmare back when it first came out and haven’t since. The best way to play Undead Nightmare would be the GotY editon, since that one contains all previously released patches up to and including 1.07, and not going online to avoid downloading the 1.08 update (it's only required for multiplayer anyway). Help. Each coffin yields ammo. Red Dead Redemption The Undead Nightmare glitch (at the beginning of the game) As the dead rise send them back to the underworld while trying to burn the other coffins marked on your radar. achievement; glitch; need help; red dead redemption; undead nightmare disc; By Blazenic, July 9, 2015 in Undead Nightmare. i'm playing red dead redemption undead nightmare and this has to be a glitch. Undead Nightmare Sepulcro Graveyard Glitch. Undead Nightmare Sepulcro Graveyard Glitch. Marston cautiously approaches the graveyard at Coot's Chapel. Undead Nightmare, specially the digital version, was even worse, filled with glitches and bugs that broke the game. I've recently started Undead Nightmare, but the game is completely glitched out. Like a nightmare pulled straight from HBO's "Westworld," the first major glitch from the huge new Western-themed game "Red Dead Redemption 2" involves the mass death of computerized horses. For Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Pack on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "mother superior blues - clearing seplucro graveyard". I know, there is a board, but it's completely dead. Sadie Adler. Close. Undead Nightmare Challenge Help? Abigail is a hooker (well, literally), Uncle is invisible, there are zombie dogs in the farm and Jack is nowhere to be found. 1. Share Cleaning out the graveyard … The base game on PS3 was already an inferior version in comparison to the Xbox 360, with worse graphics, huge fps drops and with a lot more bugs. Undead animals and large mobs of zombies are everywhere, and Tumbleweed itself is some kind of infinite undead generator. In the Undead Nightmare DLC, there is a glitch where when there is a few undead wolves attacking, the player will see them standing in mid-air looking as if they are on something attacking it. 5 months ago. Remember to always aim for the head and conserve Dead-Eye. I'm doing a mission where I have to burn coffins at a grave yard after I get the holy water and then clear the graveyard when the zombies rises. I've been playing Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, but there's a glitch that seemingly makes it incompletable. Approach the area and burn the first coffin to start the cemetery clearing minigame.