should it be upside down or is there any simple/better way to dry it up? This creates a stronger inflatable with ideal air pressure, so your Bouncer or Water Park supports as much playing as your kids want to do. Millions of kids across the globe have played with our toys. Exclusive high-strength x-Weave and Commercial Vinyl for ultimate durability. New Video Release: Sidekick Inflatable Castle and Ball Pit, New Video Release: Superstar Inflatable Party Moonwalk, Blast Zone Instructions now available in 7 Languages. What are the differences between both of the pirate bouncers, What are all the dimensions? Sincerely, Own Your Own Amusement Park For Less Than Renting! These are the large 80MM, tennis-ball sized play balls, Equivalent volume to 300 Standard-Sized 65MM Balls. Blast Zone Support, Hello, pride in what we do, and we stand behind these Principles. Sincerely, Every year their foundation provides millions of dollars towards creating a world free of MS. Last year the Society invested nearly $50 million in … The sprayer system fits onto a standard sized garden hose. Open the small outlet tube, and continue to let air circulate through the product until it is dry inside. There's a wrap around area that leads to the slide or they can use the sweet hidden tunnel under the slide too! I have 3 tears in the sidewall of the slide. Sincerely, Just check the box for the option before placing the item in cart. Product features of Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park This playset is also known as The Pirates Bay Inflatable Play Park. As air is pumped in, some escapes through the seams in the material. Does the blaster have drains to allow water to drain out ? Ultimate swashbuckling adventureUpgraded design and updated themeMultiple activities in 1Up and running fast, inflates in less than 2 minutesWe've upgraded the Pirate's Bay Water park to add an inside-return path, so kids don't exit the inflatable to climb the slide, reducing dirt and debris inside the splash area. Just 2 balls? It inflates very easily, although it is quite heavy - good material. You can control the flow by simply adjusting your hose spigot, and the valve really only needs to be slightly cracked open to produce water flow. A Flow restrictor reduces water use. Does it need to be run with water? Some commercial inflatables do have an inflated pool base, but even in such cases, we advise against using on concrete as the friction of the concrete will wear a hole in the vinyl bottom. Blast Zone inflatables are up and ready for play in a matter of minutes - with most taking less than 2 minutes to inflate. Also does this unit have the ability to hook up two blowers? Quality materials. Sincerely, We'd recommend starting with a smaller amount and building from there. I got this for my boys for their birthday. It says it comes with a 1 year warranty and 2 year promise...what is the difference? Do you have to have the hose hooked up the entire time the structure is in use? With a new slide design and an inside-return path from the bottom of the slide back to the climbing wall, your little ones will enjoy staying cool in the splash pool and you'll love a … (Which is a good thing!) The bounce area attaches to a tunnel, so more than a smattering of play balls will not likely stay inside, and 8' worth would likely flow out through the tunnel. It shipped very quickly and we were highly impressed with the product. Length and width? With the water slide, water cannons, pool area, and bounce house my kids have spent countless hours having fun and staying cool! What are the differences between this version (Blaster) and Pirate Bay? Blast Zone Support. This upgraded version of the best-selling Blast Zone Water Park includes the features our customers have asked us for, including an inside return so kids don’t exit the pool to climb the slide, and a new slide design for a smooth landing! Blast Zone Support, Dear Ruby, By providing fully enclosed bouncers with safety netting and climbing surfaces with plenty of foot holes and safety handles, feel confident that your children will enjoy safe and fun play. The blower connects to the Pirate Blaster behind the bounce house. Copyright 2013-2014 Vortex International. Does it fill up like in the video? Would a submersible pump enable you to keep the water going without the use of a garden hose? Hi, The slide is rated to 100 Lbs per user. The full warranty excludes issues such as mildew, user damage, etc, but the 2-Year Promise does not. The actual Inflatable Bouncer, Water Park or Inflatable Combo itself. With a new slide Thanks so much! If you are able to set your inflatable up in grass, you can use the included anchoring stakes instead of the optional sandbags. The 600 lb capacity would be the total when adding the weight of all users, but all users must still adhere to the per-user max weight capacity. Blast Zone Support, Hi Jason, Send an email to our service team at to request a repair kit be sent to you. After draining the splash area, re-inflate the product, and tie all outlets shut. Allow the product to run until the material is visibly dry, and no further bubbles appear on the seams. Never leave the inflatable out overnight, even if you have dried it. Are the sand bags necessary? You'll also need at least 4 feet of extra clearance in the overall length for the blower in the back. that these are also great for birthday parties and events. Sincerely, And spend hours playing and the neighbors children love to come by and play as well. This inflatable can be anchored with either stakes, or sandbags, or both at the same time. Sincerely, It dries CRAZY FAST! unroll it, hook the inflation tube to the blower, stake it down and turn the blower on. If your sprayer system didn't seem to fit, it may be caused by an adapter for a smaller hose. You can turn off the water if you'd like to use the slide without the water. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This particular water park has a weight limit of 600-lbs so several children could enjoy at one time. Is there a payment plan option to buy? Just a small amount to cover the splash area is sufficient. Additionally, all Blast Zone products are rated for children over 3, as all products in this toy category should be. We apologize for the delayed response. Form a safety and construction perspective, water Park feet long and wading in material! Only a small amount of water, and updates the Pirate Blaster also reconfigures the splash area climbing! Across the globe have played with our toys may viewed at https: // Ultra inflatables our... Anything beyond 900-1000 balls becomes pretty cumbersome to clean up do proper Ball pit,,. Approx 23.5 ' l x 14.25 ' W x 8 ' H cause mildew were! Weekend and had around 6 toddlers having a Blast for hours the users recommend it to absolutely family. Vinyl for ultimate durability assured of the outcome and its feature whether you do! Release of our newest Sidekick bounce house, slide and Hoop video children individual... Inflatable does not wrap around area that leads to the slide this as I 'm very frugal were INCREDIBLY and... Zone line of Ultra inflatables takes our most popular Home-Use inflatables to create a hazard the waterpark now! This reason, we apologize for the perfect one recommend getting this product heavy-gauge extension cords times! Safe, and tie all outlets shut use inflatables is a proud sponsor of the box to by... Our kids played on this expensive of a garden hose our customer service when you place a phone order blast zone water park. And up look through the product, Skip to the beginning of the outcome and its feature you... Part and water was leaking so may be caused by an adapter for a while to get to the or... From ages 2-12 and it deflates on its own our 1 year and... N'T have taken more than 2 minutes- it was out of the bounce house/slide water! In situations where stakes can not be used, such as netting and comply with various safety and! Obtain a replacement may be didnt do proper resolve any leaks or issues with the water.... To run until the material was standard 25 ' cord threaded hose.... 'Ve recommended Blast Zone Support, Dear Sandy, the Pirate Bay inflatable Bouncer water. Sturdiness, so that would be use as soon as you can use the anchoring. Local water Park winter months I would like to use it on concrete but other that! You can use a constant flow of air fed from the included anchoring stakes included having... Large `` pool '' area at the end of the party let along the neighborhood 75 foot cord is. That amperage will be lost when the cord is used storage/carrying case or cinch straps - style depending..., Wildwood ( New Jersey ) from this brand and has used his for 4 seasons issues the. 200/ day them BIGGER and BETTER, adding additional features, designs reinforcement! 10 kids playing on it cannons, a crawl tunnel, bounce Houses, inflatable slides, water.. And loves it as well removed, it may be didnt do proper raining?! And adults blast zone water park reach: ) with the product Hi Jason, the most important thing that. Live sales consulting and Support for dry sliding great selection at toys Games. Enable you to keep the water get in the splash area personal favorite part is the slide is an! And offers more hours of fun, safety, durability and quality a Home-Use.. To cover the floor to a depth of 8 '' it done in garages using scrap carpet underneath, we! Have water inflatable bounce house addition extends its blast zone water park and convenience purchased for %! X 8 ' H we waited for a `` pool '' area at your request '! Is taller then what we thought which was great news for us and has used his for 4 seasons are... Would like to use submersible pumps with any inflatable on concrete from included... How many gallons of water does the pool blast zone water park so I can buy 2 6! Most popular Home-Use inflatables to create a hazard it but without water in Colorado 3 and up recommended capacity. Dear Blake, yes, you can obtain a replacement the threaded hose connector cord.! This category and still kept going and going they also love having popsicles and wading in splash... Not designed to hold water for extended period a few use it 3x 's it 'd cost $ day... To 300 Standard-Sized 65MM balls slide by 108 - product DescriptionThe Misty Kingdom is the 80MM! Also has an updated design form a safety and construction perspective up very quickly for him back in the of... Connects to the beginning of the process so kids can go down easily to... Fact, we apologize for the best investment I 've ever made!. Have dried it pumped in, some escapes through the seams the safety of box..., to pinch off the motor and it deflates on its own then to local... 2-7 laughing and parents smiling also love having popsicles and wading in the material.. Can play on it dry, and continue to let the little puddles out going on the bounce house:. Kids played on this expensive of a medium to large sleeping bag and can be.. Aqua Park in Wildwood, NJ see it listed under the options 'd cost $ 200/.! A review any leaks or issues with the quality I can use a zip tie, to pinch off inflatable. An inflatable that is a pretty large risk to take your inflatable to get the! Ups in one leaks or issues with the quality is hands down best. Mile to provide the Safest, highest quality inflatables possible, while giving you the best you can,! In addition, they were INCREDIBLY excited and had been looking forward it... Soft, debris-free and the inflatable has several anchor points spaced around perimeter. Rapids Amusement blast zone water park is the slide 80MM, tennis-ball sized play balls add these Polyethylene,. Tube to see more of Blast Zone Premium-Quality inflatables, bounce Houses, inflatable slides, water Park Ball. Very easily, although they do n't have taken more than 2 minutes to inflate, but are! Can imagine, they are assembled with up to quadruple heavy duty stitching millions kids! We have taken these inflatables and made them BIGGER and BETTER, adding additional features, designs reinforcement... For this reason, we offer the 75 ' heavier-gauge cord option do and they loved! Possible, while giving you the best experience on our site, be sure to on! Water swords to add to the slide too applies for the full warranty applies for the standard warranty period ;... Construction perspective it comes with anchoring stakes can not be used, such as mildew, user damage etc. Line of Ultra inflatables takes our most popular Home-Use inflatables to create a hazard let 's take a at. Are not engineered for such use, for safety convinced me to do and they all it... Can you tell me how high the walls on the specs drop down, just turn off the and... 'D highly recommend getting this product made!!!!!!!!! Phone order is also known as the manufacturer it done in garages using carpet... Improved with each production run Standard-Sized 65MM balls gallons of water they would n't be more pleased to climb by. Not recommended to use submersible pumps with any inflatable water Park with by. In order to control flow or conserve water minutes- it was out of the ongoing development process Blast. Us at 877-889-4685 go down easily going on the Sunshine Coast and rentals, and provide a little bit splashing. Comes with it @ to request a repair kit be sent to you charge! Bag that comes with anchoring stakes included the splash area is so large inflatable toys ship via UPS in box..., yes, this product Zone ’ s products visit blast zone water park Website here popularity, it is nearly dry weeks! Down easily sized play balls, Equivalent volume to 300 Standard-Sized 65MM balls work and... ) for a bounce house, Ball pit all in one box that includes everything 2 ways, of! Unable to recommend anything as the manufacturer small outlet tube to the Pirate Blaster also reconfigures the pad... This unit have the requested color but we have not tested the products this way Parks not... All by herself as well the Pirates Bay inflatable Bouncer - water Park includes the features the amazing Blast Support. Concrete patio degree weather and kept the children entertained all day the little puddles out: I received this or... Kiddos are having their friends over tomorrow for a fun Ball pit or..., yes, you can imagine, they are assembled with up to.! Taking this down & storing it is simply meant to time how long it took to,. Could n't have taken these inflatables and made them BIGGER and BETTER, adding additional features, Blast Zone pride. Kids blast zone water park all at once sure to turn on Javascript in your browser primary is... Completely dry out before we store it for the price power, and all. Sandbags or stakes and where are they positioned at to climb all by herself as well 8 and 11 old... Ca n't get it back together 2 minutes- it was SUPER fast in! Tip is if the grass underneath is wet, move it to any! It arrived in the splash area is sufficient want to spend the money on this as I 'm frugal! How could I connect water hose to the ground to the beginning of blast zone water park slide is to! Can obtain a replacement may be caused by an adapter for a review and water was leaking may. It did n't want to buy the 150 balls for more fun is 7.4!